HI there!

I'm Judy Kim.

I am a UX Designer with experience in product development and marketing. I specialize in Visual Design and am skilled in User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Design Management.

Judy Kim

Where it began

I started my design career as a research administrator building intranets and interfaces for the Graduate Industrial Design Program at the University of the Arts, where I learned human-centered design processes that I apply to designing responsive websites, mobile applications and digital marketing.

Visual Design
Design Mangement
Product Development
Design Systems

Where I am now

Currently, I work at an educational technology company helping to design intuitive products as well as extending market reach. We help educators and schools build and share media-rich lessons through our platform.

I’m passionate about solving user problems through human-centered design methods, promoting positive change through design and creating great experiences. I believe that user research, thoughtful design and collaboration are the foundation of successfully designed products.

Beyond design

I love to travel and explore new places, art and food. It's a wonderful way to learn about other cultures and an opportunity to reflect on ourselves. Some of the places I've been to recently include Japan, France and England. Natural places closer to home bring me peace. I enjoy gardening, hiking and chasing sunsets.

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