Analysis, Evaluation & Redesign

Website redesign for an educational technology company
Project Overview
Safari Montage helps educators and schools build and share media-rich lessons through their platform. In addition to updating a traditional website to a responsive mobile first website, the company needed brand consistency and product hierarchy to reflect the company’s transition from a multiple product offering to a single solution.

By improving the content and structure of our website our goals included increasing the quantity and quality of leads and increasing brand awareness and loyalty.
My Role
Research, Strategy, Visual Design, Interface Design

User Interviews, Competitor Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Low-Fidelity Wireframes, Prototypes, Analytics

UX Designer and Front-End Developer

3 months, ongoing


Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test


Competitive Analysis and Heuristic Evaluation

To understand the market, I analyzed competitor websites, from direct and indirect. I also performed a heuristic evaluation on different areas of the website.


Based on semi-structured interviews with administrators and teachers and behavior analytics, I created personas for three main users of the website.


Low fidelity wireframes were created to map content focused on a customer-centric experience and define top level navigation.

Identity System

In the redesign process, we took into consideration the brand identity as a whole, making changes along the way to create informational hierarchy and build consistency.


After confirming wireframes with stakeholders, I created high fidelity comps from the current asset library. With user testing and analytics we addressed technical issues for the search feature before release.

Next Steps

Search results revealed a need for a login to tie our platform to our marketing site. We also discovered a need to address a student profile in our marketing site, as we do in our platform. Further study of analytics is required for data-driven improvements.

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