Restaurant Ordering App & Partner Portal

Mobile food ordering app and restaurant profile management website design

Project Overview

Glophish was looking to create a user-centered restaurant ordering app and a portal that would allow partners to manage their restaurant profile and menus.

My Role

User Research, User Interviews, Personas, User Flows, Wireframes, Prototypes

Customer Personas

Based on semi-structured interviews and observations, I created personas for three main users of the website: users with dietary restrictions, social users and super users.

Customer User Flows

Taking into consideration user research, I outlined the process for group orders and for repeat orders to address the needs of social users and super users. I then created wireframes to address the needs of customers with dietary restrictions.


Prototypes were created for user testing and improvements.

Partner Personas

Through interviews and observation, I created three user personas for the restaurant partner websites.

Partner User Flow

Based on user research and data structure, I outlined the process for on-boarding, which also informed user access and the main navigation for wireframes.


Prototypes were used for user testing and revealed the need for a management dashboard.

Next Steps

Further user testing for continuing improvements, visual design and working model are planned.

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